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Tonan Talk/Colloquia/Special Seminars

Tonan Talk, a Brown Bag Lecture Series

This is a lecture series launched at CSEAS from autumn of 2010. CSEAS has been welcoming a variety of foreign scholars to the Center each month, and we believe that this is an essential component of the development of the Center and its staff. This new lecture series aims to broaden and diversify the opportunities to exchange opinions and ideas among ourselves. We will call this new activity “Tonan Talk, a Brown Bag Lecture Series” (“Tonan” in Japanese means Southeast Asia). As the name suggests, this series will be held during lunchtime on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. We hope that this develops into an informative and friendly gathering for all staff of CSEAS.


The Colloquium takes place once a month after the Staff Meeting. The Center's research staff and visiting research fellows present topics in turn. It is expected to function as a forum for brainstorming among the staff about area studies.

Special Seminars

Besides the larger symposia and seminars, the Center also holds special seminars featuring lectures by visiting research fellows and visitors to the Center.