The Nippon Foundation Fellowships for Asian Public Intellectuals

インドネシア Year 11

名前 Lambang Trijono
所属/肩書き Lecturer,
Dept of Sociology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Gadjah Mada University
Peace and Development Initiatives Indonesia (PADII), Yogyakarta, Indonesia
プロジェクトテーマ A Research on Post-Conflict Peacebuilding in Supporting IDPs Reintegration in Mindanao of the Philippines
プロジェクト概要 This project is a lessons learned peacebuilding policies and practices to promote IDPs reintegration and better post-conflict peacebuilding policies in Mindanao and SEA region. It is expected that the project would contribute to API to promote just-peace development in the region.
訪問国 Philippines
名前 Firly Afwika
所属/肩書き Digital Strategist, PT. Magnivate Group
プロジェクトテーマ Multiculturalism Dilemma in Malaysia: Minority Right and Socio-Cultural Stabilization
プロジェクト概要 Even though very vulnerable to conflict, Malaysia is considered successful on maintaining their political stabilization from the threat of continuous riots. Since NEP (new economy policy) was implemented, latent intenseness has been decreased by projecting cross-cultural interaction through multi-etnic states, such as Sarawak and Semenanjung Malaysia. This research will examine the multicultural management policy implementation, especially in overcoming the dilemma between creating stability and fulfilling the minority right.
訪問国 Philippines
名前 Albertus Yustinus Imas
所属/肩書き Researcher
プロジェクトテーマ Diglosia and Identity of the Suku Dayak Selako in Lundu Sarawak Malaysia
プロジェクト概要 Diglosia is one of the important factor to identify social, historical and cultural contexts as well as changing identity. In Dayak Selako, the construction of hierarchy is closely related with diglosia to enhance mutual understanding among Dayak Selako Community for the sake of social justice and community's betterment.
訪問国 Malaysia
名前 Mochamad Indrawan
所属/肩書き Executive Secretary,
Center for Biodiversity Strategies, FMIPA (Fac.of Mathematics and Sciences), University of Indonesia
プロジェクトテーマ Defining Participatory Governance of Land and Natural Resources: Lessons Learned from Japan
プロジェクト概要 With view to milestones from Japan, comparison will be drawn of how environment, as well as natural and human resources are governed e.g. establishing sustainable agriculture that will motivate people to organize and protect the natural landscape. The stronger policy, and socio-economic framework governing sustainability will be illuminated.
訪問国 Japan
名前 Henry Ismail
所属/肩書き Photographer
プロジェクトテーマ The Dynamics of Mining Industry in Asia and Its Impacts on People and Environment
プロジェクト概要 This photo documentary project aims to portray the real condition of mining sites in Asia, particularly in Thailand and the Philippines, and the impacts they bring on the local people and environment. The project will contribute to raise the public awareness of critical issues related to mining in Asia.
訪問国 Thailand, Philippines
名前 Wahyudi
所属/肩書き Researcher,
Research Center for Culture and Society, Indonesian Institute of Sciences
プロジェクトテーマ Remembering the Legacies of the Marcos Dictatorship: The Formation of Historical Memory and the Struggle for Justice in the Philippines
プロジェクト概要 The Philippine is one of countries which are facing an authoritarian regime’s legacies. In this sense, most of Filipino have different memories how to deal with their past regime. This project want to understand the Philippines government in dealing with the Marcos Regime’s legacies as well as to explore in depth Filipino’s experiences especially the victims of violations under Marcos regime.
訪問国 Philippines