The Nippon Foundation Fellowships for Asian Public Intellectuals

マレーシア Year 11

名前 Kam Suan Pheng
所属/肩書き Senior Scientist,
The WorldFish Center
Geographical Information Systems Specialist
プロジェクトテーマ Evaluating If Integrative and Participatory Approaches Lead to Pro-people and Sustainable Agriculture Development
プロジェクト概要 Asian agricultural faces difficult challenges that require innovative solutions that benefit rural communities without compromising the natural resources and environment. The project will compare the effectiveness and impacts of applying various integrative and participatory research approaches developed by leading Japanese and Thai institutions to meet these challenges.
訪問国 Thailand, Japan
名前 Fadzilah Majid Cooke
所属/肩書き Associate Professor, School of Social of Arts, Universiti of Malaysia Sabah
プロジェクトテーマ Mobilization in the Name of Civil Society: The Unresolved Land Issue in Muslim Thailand and the Philippines
プロジェクト概要 Regaining access to land is one of the key factors in resolving conflict in Muslim Thailand and the Philippines. This project deals with activism in civil society in the peaceful (often undocumented) effort of regaining access by examining NGO materials, archives and databases, the experiences of key informants, and case studies of peaceful initiatives.
訪問国 Thailand, Philippines
名前 Susanna George
所属/肩書き Freelance Consultant
プロジェクトテーマ Upholding Feminist Principles in the Era of Glabalisation: Challenges Faced by Women's Activists in Finding Balance between Alternative Organisational Processes and Practices and Public Advocacy Work
プロジェクト概要 This action research study reflects on the organisational challenges of women's rights organisations in the era of globalisation. It will create facilitated spaces for women’s activists in the Philippines, Indonesia and Japan to engage in dialogue on balancing feminist organisational practices with the pressure to professionalise and stay politically pragmatic.
訪問国 Philippines, Indonesia, Japan
名前 Too Chee Hung
所属/肩書き Conceptual Artist
プロジェクトテーマ Public Performance Art Works as an Act of Mutual Forgiveness and Understanding of World War 2 and the Atomic Bomb Incidents
プロジェクト概要 To devise series of performance art works in response to Iri and Toshi Maruki’s Hiroshima panels, through in depth research and appreciation of the said works.
訪問国 Japan
名前 Norhayati Binti Kaprawi
所属/肩書き Muslim Woman Activist
Documentary Filmaker
プロジェクトテーマ Documentary Film on Progressive Islam in Indonesia and Its Impact on Muslim Women
プロジェクト概要 The project seeks to produce a 60-minute documentary film that examines the diversity of Islam in Indonesia and , in particular, the progressive discourses of Muslim scholars and activists, and their potentially positive impact on Muslim women in Indonesia, in Southeast Asia region as well as internationally.
訪問国 Indonesia