The Nippon Foundation Fellowships for Asian Public Intellectuals

ミャンマー Year 13

名前 Zaw Aung
所属/肩書き Research Fellow,
Mekong Program on Water, Environment and Resilience (M-POWER)
プロジェクトテーマ Trans-boundary Investments and Responsibility for Social and Environmental Justice: Lessons Learnt from the Industrial Development Policies and Practices of Japan and Thailand
プロジェクト概要 This research will review the existing national policy frameworks of Japan and Thailand and find out whether these are applicable for addressing the potential social and environmental issues related to the trans-boundary investments in the context of Myanmar, which is now regarded as the last market of ASEAN and its economic reform heavily, focusing on the industrial development with the assistance of the foreign direct investments strongly attracts the investments from Japan and Thailand
訪問国 Thailand, Japan
名前 Su Su Yin
所属/肩書き Master Student,
Gender and Development Studies, Asian Institute of Technology; Social Researcher on Gender Related Issues
プロジェクトテーマ Social and Health Impacts of Migration: Adaptation in New Cultural, New World Circumstance
プロジェクト概要 The project will study at the quality of life and adaptation in migration process and it will detect the blockages and shortcomings in the health care service provisions in migrant communities. The study will bring on the policy recommendations for the improvement of living through security in migration
訪問国 Thailand