The Nippon Foundation Fellowships for Asian Public Intellectuals

タイ Year 11

名前 Pornsiri Cheevapattananuwong
所属/肩書き Lecturer,
Mahasarakham University
プロジェクトテーマ Alternative Power Production for Sustainability and Justice for Local Communities
プロジェクト概要 Responding to debates over energy policies to reduce global warming in ASEAN countries through conventional and renewable power sources, this research will examine benefits and challenges brought by various power development options to local communities and their ways of living in environmental, social and economic terms in Indonesia and Japan.
訪問国 Indonesia, Japan
名前 Patporn Phoothong
所属/肩書き Researcher
プロジェクトテーマ Towards Peace and Reconciliation: Case Studies of Peace Museums in Japan and the Philippines
プロジェクト概要 This project aims to find out the best practice of peace museum in Japan and Philippines as resource for materialization of peace and reconciliation. The knowledge and lesson learn will be beneficial to the development and management of peace museum, learning activities, libraries, achieves and etc with objectives of peace promotion and conflict transformation as the way to attain social justice in Thailand, Southeast Asian and other regions.
訪問国 Japan, Philippines
名前 Somchai Phatharathananunth
所属/肩書き Assistant Professor, Faculty of Hhumanities and Social Sciences, Mahasarakham University
プロジェクトテーマ Social Movements and Democracy in Southeast Asia: the Phillipines and Thailand Compared
プロジェクト概要 Social Movements have been signaled out as important parts of civil society that enhance democracy and as champion of social justice, human rights and participation. This research project will examine such claims through the struggle of urban and rural social movements in the Philippines and Thailand.
訪問国 Philippines
名前 Pradit Prasartthong
所属/肩書き Artistic Director, Anatta theatre troupe
プロジェクトテーマ The Small Theatre-Soft Power: The Mean to Build up Ideal Society
プロジェクト概要 A project that studies life, philosophy, experiences of Japanese contemporary theatre artists who produce alternative theatre productions for small theatre spaces in Tokyo to develop Thai alternative theatre in small theatre spaces as creative space that fully support diversity of culture in Bangkok’s communities.
訪問国 Japan
名前 Tawatchai Pattanaporn
所属/肩書き Documentary Photographer
Darkroom Specialist
プロジェクトテーマ Photo-gether: An Album of Asian Labor Migration from the Philippines (sending country) to Japan (receiving country)
プロジェクト概要 The project is aimed to reflect the story of Asian labor migration from the Philippines, the supportive sending country, to the top receiving country, Japan. The story, from the beginning to the end, will be narrated through traditional black-and-white photography.
訪問国 Philippines, Japan
名前 Abhayuth Chantrabha
所属/肩書き Coordinator,
Community Organization for People’s Action (COPA)
プロジェクトテーマ Project to Link the Movements of the Urban Poor in Southeast Asia and Japan to Create Land and Housing Justice
プロジェクト概要 In this project, I will exchange and learn with urban poor movements in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysian and Japan. The project itself aims to build linkages between urban poor movements in Southeast Asia and Japan in order to foster grassroots globalization that will help create urban land and housing justice.
訪問国 Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan