The Nippon Foundation Fellowships for Asian Public Intellectuals


Presenter: Ticar, Jay Flores
(Filipino Visual Artist/Assistant Professor, Kalayaan College)

Project: Hanapbuhay- Creating an Artist's Book from a Collection of Portraits of Working Artists

Fri, 21 Dec. 2007

Hanapbuhay is a Filipino word for livelihood. It is a compound word composed of the word hanap, which is the Filipino word for search, and the word buhay, our word for life. In play it could give out a meaning that of looking for life, a purpose that describes in general, both the varying reasons for livelihood and art for the working artist. The research in progress is an art project involving public participation work that would assume the form of an artist's book. It intends to collect portraits that would result from the participation of working artists. As the activity is carried out in Japan, components are redefined and issues proliferate.

Meeting room, The Nippon Foundation