The Nippon Foundation Fellowships for Asian Public Intellectuals


Speaker: Dr. Kam Suan Pheng

Topic: Systems, integrative and participatory approaches in AR4D: How effective have we been?

Date&Time: 4 to 6 pm, Monday 26th March, 2012

Venue: Seminar room, 4th floor, the Common building, CSEAS, Kyoto University

Dr. Kam Suan Pheng, Senior Scientist of International Rice Research Institute (1994 to 2004) and the World Fish Center (2004 to present) will join CSEAS for 2 months starting on 19th March, 2012 as an API Fellow and carry out research on “Evaluating if integrative and participatory approaches lead to pro‐people and sustainable agriculture development”. In order to exchange ideas and information, we organize the following seminar. Anybody, including graduate students, are welcome.

An initial attempt at seeking for a more formalized way to evaluate if integrative and participatory approaches do lead to pro‐people and sustainable agriculture development led me to develop a conceptual framework hinged on the Theory of Change that puts targeted research in the broader context of the agriculture development agenda. The framework provided the basis for identifying the tools and measures for evaluating the extent to which learning and empowerment result from the use of participatory research approaches. The evaluation framework was applied to a test case involving the use of participatory approaches for farmer and community involvement in watershed management in northern Thailand. While the evaluation of this test case is being done retrospectively for a defined research project, it is argued that the framework may be applicable for forward planning of agricultural research for development (AR4D) programs and projects and the corresponding monitoring and evaluation process.

Inquiry: Yasuyuki Kono