The Nippon Foundation Fellowships for Asian Public Intellectuals


Date & Time: June 25 (Mon), 2012 16:00- 17:30

Venue: Small Meeting Room I (Room No. 330),
     Inamori Foundation Memorial Bldg., CSEAS, Kyoto University

Moderator: Prof. Yoko Hayami (CSEAS, Kyoto University)

Abhayuth Chantrabha
Community Organization for People’s Action (COPA)

“To Link the Movements of the Urban Poor in Southeast Asia and Japan
to Create Land and Housing Justice”

Video documentary will be shown, for which Abhayuth Chantrabha wrote the script, namely "The path of dreams and the day of struggle: the experience of advocacy work of the urban poor movement in Indonesia". It's about the situation of urban poor in Jakarta and many cities, including how the urban poor movement response to their problem from the grassroots level. He will also talk about the homeless in Tokyo.

Brief Introduction of Presenter
Abhayuth Chantrabha has worked with slum dwellers in Thailand as community organizer for 22 years. His current position is the coordinator of Community Organization for People's Action [COPA], which is one of NGOs working closely with the Four Regions Slum Network [FRSN], the slum movement in Thailand.