May 9 (Wed.), 2012: Cross-Disciplinary Research Workshop

Cross-Disciplinary Research Workshop
Date:May 9(Wed.)15:00~17:00
Speaker: Miyako Koizumi
Commentator: Hiromitsu Samejima

At:Center for Southeast Asia Studies, Kyoto Univ. First Floor of East Build. Conference Room(subject to change)

 Ms. Koizumi will report on her plant biodiversity survey at Anap-Muput, Malaysia.
 Mr. Koizumi will report on the methodology, procedures, analysis and identification technique of the plants.
 Ms. Koizumi will illustrate her study in an easy-to-understand manner for researchers of different fields.
 Mr. Samejima will make a supplementary statement and explain how does he follow the study of Ms. Koizumi and tell us the current status of the study.

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