Introduction of Malaysian Palm Oil Board Library et al. [Jason Hon]

Malaysian Palm Oil Board Library
Location:Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia
ライブラリーの外観 / The Library
 To get here, it is recommended that you take a taxi. It is quite difficult to find the direction, so please have a map in hand to show the taxi driver. Also, arrange for a pick up time.
For further information, please refer here.
 Entrance to MPOB is the same as Petronas, drive past Akademi Kementerian Pertahanan Awam, and MPOB main entrance is next to it. At the entrance, obtain a pass to enter the premise. Leave a copy of personal identification behind eg driver’s licence. The doors are locked automatically. To open them (eg to get to the elevator), flash your visitor’s pass in front of the security tag to unlock the door.

 1. Obtain a library pass (an electronic card) from the Palm Shoppe at ground floor. You need to leave behind a personal identification document, in exchange for the pass. This card allows you to enter the library on the 2nd Floor (3F). After using the library, return the card to obtain your identification document back. Take note that Palm Shoppe closes during lunch break. If you plan to leave during lunch, please return the visitor’s pass before lunch break so you can obtain your personal identification document back. Otherwise, you may have to wait until it re-opens after lunch break.
 2. No bags are allowed to bring inside the library. There are open shelves outside. You can also use a locker by placing a RM5 deposit, which you get back after using the locker.

 1. Collections are not comprehensive but there are latest issues of research / academic journals.
 2.There is a section on MPOB Publications, including Malaysian Statistics. But most of this information is available from the website.

 1. Database engines are available inside the library. You can access the online search engine (similar to offline search engine). Access to certain materials require you to sign up as a member, but you can apply for a 7-day trial free of charge.
入館証を使ってのアクセス / Library  pass is needed to enter the facility Palm Shoppe (入館証はここで受け取ります) / Palm Shoppe, a library pass will be issued here ライブラリー内のデスク / The desks of the inside of the library
Conference Paper, Reports, Standards & Patent
 1. An archive collection of all conference papers eg powerpoint presentations, forums, workshop, discussions etc; reports eg training field trip, site visits, standards and patents related to oil palm.
 2. Useful source of information not available elsewhere or online.

Palm Shoppe
 1. On sale are many books and publications by MPOB. A printed catalogue listing the publications can be obtained, but it does not include the latest publications. Best to check the website.
 2. You can submit your orders by mail, and MPOB will advise on the final costs including the postage charges. Delivery can be made to anywhere in the world.

Recommended readings
 1. Palm News Booklet. Published by MPOB. Comprehensive compilation of news covering oilseeds, world oils and fat market development. Published bi-annually covering 2008, 2009 and 2010.
 2. Palmoil Update – Monthly publication from MPOB covering the most recent information on palm oil eg monthly statistics on production, price, export and world market. RM20 per book circa 70 pages.
 3. Warta Sawit (in Malay language) – free newsletter for small holders. Published quarterly. Includes list of registered nurseries

 1. Desk for reference work. The library closes during lunch break (please observe lunch hour / opening hours)
 2. Internet workstations – same as search/database workstations, which can also connect to the internet with no restrictions.
 3. Cafeteria – Info Café is located at the Lower Ground. Malaysian food. Price is reasonable.
特別収蔵資料群 / Special resource section MPOBによる出版物 / MPOB publications カフェテリア / The library's cafeteria

Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia (RRIM) also known as Lembaga Getah Malaysia (LGM)
Address:260 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
RRIM ビル / The exterior of RRIM building メインエントランス / Main entrance 国家遺産を示すプレート / National Heritage plaque
 Take a taxi or bus. The building is located next to the Chinese Chamber Building (after SuCasa service apartment). It is a gazetted National Heritage Building.
 Upon reaching here, you need to obtain a visitor’s pass from the security post, and leave behind an identification document which you can pick up when you return the pass.

 1. The library is under construction, as of March 2013 and is expected to be completed very soon. Therefore, it is not accessible from the main door. Use the back door instead. Most of the collections were kept inside boxes, awaiting renovation works to complete.
 2. A walk-in user is required to pay RM35 per visit. You can also join as a member by paying an annual subscription fees. Please access the website for more information. Upon signing up as a member, you do not have to pay for subsequent visits and is allowed to borrow books too.
 3. There is a workstation with search engine which you can use. The search engine is the same as the website.
 4. There are desks available, but lighting is poor.

Other information
 1. There is no cafeteria. However, you can walk to nearby stalls or restaurants opposite the RRIM building.
 2. To purchase books, you can visit the bookstore or access the website for online orders (see write-up below).
RRIMのライブラリー内部 / The library of RRIM リファレンス作業用のデスク / Desk for reference work

Bangunan Getah Asli – Malaysian Rubber Board Bookstore
(Bangunan Getah Asli)
Address:Opposite KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
マレーシアゴム協会ビル / Malaysian Rubber Board 書店に並んだ関連書籍 / Books on the shelf of the store
 The bookstore is located opposite of KLCC. You can get there by bus from RRIM. The fare is RM1. Walk across the road from RRIM and board the bus here. You should head towards West direction. Get off the bus when you see the KLCC Petronas Twin Towers (about 5-10minutes bus ride). Alternatively, you can take a taxi from RRIM but the journey time and route will be the same as taking a bus. Some taxis do not stop to pick up passengers from RRIM.
 If you leave from hotels nearby, take the LRT and get off at KLCC. By taxi, tell the driver to go towards Bangunan Getah Asli near KLCC.

 The collection is poor. You can obtain the information including the book list from the website, and place your order online (thus, traveling to the bookstore is not recommended).
KLCC Petronas ツインタワービル / KLCC Petronas Twin Towers

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