Annual General Assembly 2013 Dec. 7-8

2013 Annual General Assembly

Venue:Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS), Kyoto University

 Our Annual General Assembly was held on Dec. 7 and 8 at Center for Southeast Asian Studies.
 This time we invited two specialists from outside to make presentations and share their thoughts on our project.
 We also were grad to welcome some auditors who had interested in our project.
 We’d like to thank each and everyone of our members and guests and participants for the meeting.

The Program of the Assembly is as below:

December 7th (Sat.) 13:00~18:30
・Opening remarks (Ryoji SODA)
・Brief overview of the project (Noboru ISHIKAWA)

Yayoi TAKEUCHI (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
“Conservation values of remnant forest (“Pulau”) used by local communities”

Motoko FUJITA and Haruka SUZUKI (Kyoto University)
”Birdhouse Construction in Bintulu”

Kyoko SAKUMA (Kyoto University)
“The Longhouse as Trade Hub on River-based Trade Network in the Interior Borneo”

Kuniyasu MOKUDAI (Pro Natura Foundation Japan)
“Monitoring of river bank erosion using interval camera”

Tetsu ICHIKAWA (Rikkyo University)
Katsumi OKUMURA (J. F. Oberlin University)
“Bezoar stone of Landak

Motomitsu UCHIBORI (The Open University of Japan)
“Human mobility in the upper Tatau region”

Yumi KATO (Kyoto University)
“Multi ‘ethno’ status of Riverine Society”


December 8th(Sun.) 9:30~17:30

Keitaro FUKUSHIMA (Kyoto University)
“Spatial distribution of suspended solid concentration in Kemena and Tatau rivers”

Naoko TOKUCHI (Kyoto University)
“Influence of land-use on stream water chemistry in Sarawak, Malaysia”

Yuichi KANO(Kyushu University)
“Freshwater Fish biodiversity in Sarawak”

Masahiro ICHIKAWA(Kochi University)
“Living strategies of rural-urban migrants in Bintulu”

Kazuyuki IWASA (Kochi University, Guest)
“Globalized Agribusiness and Socio-Economic Restructuring: A Case of Malaysian Palm Oil”

Junichi MISHIBA (FoE Japan, Guest)
“Judicial decisions and laws on indigenous land rights in Malaysia”

Jason Hon (WWF Malaysia)
“Oil palm smallholders affecting land use change: a case study of Rumah Majang and Rumah Anchai, Bintulu, Sarawak”

Hiromitsu SAMEJIMA (Kyoto University)
“Evaluation of ecological service of natural forests surrounding local communities”

Noboru ISHIKAWA (Kyoto University)
“From Cleavage to Interface: Riverine Catchment and Social Formation in Central Borneo”

Ryoji SODA (Osaka City University)
Langkausin the Jelalong: from riverine to terrestrial society?”

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