June 7 (Thu.), 2012 : Cross-Disciplinary Research Workshop

Cross-Disciplinary Research Workshop Date:June 7 (Thu.), 2012 14:30~17:00 Speaker: Keitaro Fukushima “The factors attributing water quality change in the running out process of the river” Speaker: Osamu Kozan “The land surface hydrology model in the Southeast Asian archipelago” Place:Center for Southeast Asia Studies, Kyoto Univ. First Floor of East Build. Conference Room  This time, two of our program members will talk on the topic of “water.”  This will be the first time for Mr. Fukushima and Mr. Kozan to lay out their works in Cross-disciplinary research workshop. We believe this will be a great opportunity to deepen the knowledge of “water” by listening to their hands-on research activities.  Please join […]