An overview of Anap-Muput Forest Management Unit [Hiromitsu Samejima]

An Overview of Anap-Muput Forest Management Unit Hiromitsu Samejima(CSEAS, Kyoto University)   East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) can be divided into following land categories in general¹ 1. Government land 1.1 Natural reserves such as national parks 1.2 Concessions (the lease of commercial exploitation rights) managed by private companies 1.2.1 Logging management in natural forests (selective logging) 1.2.2 Industrial tree plantation (Plantations of fast-grow- ing trees species (ex. Acacia mangium) 1.2.3 Oil palm plantations 2. Private property mainly employing the shifting cultiva- tion system of hill padi ¹There is some land that is earmarked for other use, but the area is small.  In sparsely populated East Malaysia, the major part of […]