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Reports :
Environment, Landuse, and Society in Wallacea, (eds.) Koji TANAKA, Mattulada, and Narifumi MAEDA, "Transformation  of  the Agricultural Landuse in Tropical Archipelagos volume 5. CSEAS Report Series, Kyoto University, 1982`1986
1. "The Environment and Rice Culture in the Cagayan Valley of NorthernLuzon" Hisao Furukawa, pp.3-36
2. "A Note on Agricultural Landuse in Relation to Smallholders' Coconut Plantations in Isimu, Gorontalo" Aris Poniman Kertopermono, pp.37-50
3. "Sago Production in Kabupaten Luwu, South Sulawesi: A Trial for Upgrading the Economic Capability of a Traditional Sago-Producing Society" Katsuya Osozawa, pp.51-70
4. " A Note on Spontaneous Migrants and Their Settlements in Northeastern Kabupaten Luwu, South Sulawesi" Koji Tanaka, pp.71-92
5. "Reflections on Bugis Household and Kinship" Narifumi Maeda, pp.93-104
6. "Lahan dan Manajemen Usahawan Tradisional Orang Bugis Makassar di Sulawesi Selatan" Mattulada, pp.105-137