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Sulawesi Archives 2005-

Digital archives on Sulawesi Area Studies are available here.
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Reports  |  Book List  

Reports :
Manusia Bugis
Launch discussin on Manusia Bugis
papers for launch discussion on Manusia Bugis (original title is The Bugis, Christian PELRAS 1996, Blackwell), March 2006, at Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar.
A.Ahmad Yani
Dias Pradadimara
George Yunus Aditjondro 
M. Ridwan Alimuddin
Wahyuddin Halim
Environment, Landuse, and Society in Wallacea, (eds.) Koji TANAKA, Mattulada, and Narifumi MAEDA, "Transformation  of  the Agricultural Landuse in Tropical Archipelagos volume 5. CSEAS Report Series, Kyoto University, 1982`1986
Part 1(pp.1-57, 4.00MB)     Part 2(pp.58-137, 4.07MB)    

Book List :
Makassar Field Station Book List as of November 2006   (140.10KB)