Theme Category

  theme sub-theme
A Environment Climate change, natural disasters, social resilience
Natural resource management and environmental sustainability
B Health Health and health care systems
Aging society and care
COVID 19 challenges
C Industrial change Rural transformations and agricultural industrialization
Thailand 4.0, Global Production Networks and Automation
D Political economy Income and wealth heterogeneity
Widening inequalities: cause and effects
E Social movements Student movements, past and present
NGOs breaking away from civil society
F Politics and governance Politics and governance
Constitution and rule of law
Local politics without elections
Election and political party
Changing faces of the political military
G Urban space Urban dynamics: gentrification and infrastructure development
H Gender and sexuality Sexual orientation and gender identity
Norms and institutions for and against variations
I Transnationalism and migration Borders, migrants and refugees
Transnationalism and migration
J Religion Changing Past: Thai Religions in Retrospect
Thai Religions in an Era of Commercialization and Politicization
Deities on the Margins of State and Church
Arts, media and cultural politics Art, Performance and media at the local and global crossroads
Cultural politics, heritage and tourism
L Language and literature Thai language in global perspective
Contemporary innovative folklore and literature
M Thailand and Japan, past and present  
N History History from local to global
Historiography and the politics of historical narratives
Power relations and ideologies in historical perspective
Cold War heritage
O Ethnicity and ethnic minorities