The Association of Kyoto University Alumni
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    The Association of Kyoto University Alumni (HAKU) was established in Jakarta on April 18th, 2007 and officially declared by the President of Kyoto University in Jakarta on July 26th, 2007. HAKU is located in Jakarta; it can be founded in every institution in which the Alumni have been working.

    HAKU is science organization which had the character of familiarity, distinguishing in independent and intellectual. HAKU has function as a place for Alumni of Kyoto University for improving their profession and science, integrating all potency and their participation in development nation and state of the Republic of Indonesia; and has purpose to form scientific networks in order to develop science and technology in Indonesia.


    Member of HAKU is who had study and/or conducting research in Kyoto University; Indonesian and also other citizen even also can become member of HAKU. Every member has rights of active in organizational activity and respect good name of HAKU and obey all organizational decision and also ethical code of HAKU.

    1. Statutes (AD/ART)
    2. Committee & Coordinator
    3. Scholarship Students 1960-2002
    4. Member Data Form
    5. Symposiums & Event
      5.1. The 10th Kyoto University International Symposium “Active Geo-sphere Science”
      5.2. The 4th KAGI21 International Summer School (ISS)
      5.3. The 1st Kyoto University – LIPI – South East Asian Form
      5.4. The 4th Kyoto University South East Asian Form
    6. Photographs