This website introduces the research and education activities that scholars and researchers from Kyoto University conduct in Southeast Asia either on their own or in collaboration with their colleagues in the region.

Kyoto University’s presence in Southeast Asia is over half a century old already. During this period, we accepted hundreds of students from the region and sent many of our Japanese students to universities in Southeast Asian countries. This exchange program continues to prosper to this very day thanks mainly to the mutual engagement and collaboration between Kyoto University and the schools in the region. A parallel collaboration within the countries in Southeast Asia also continues, spearheaded by the university’s Bangkok liaison office (set up in 1963) and Jakarta liaison office (set up in 1970).  These offices have become the core centers of research and exchange of Center for Southeast Asian Studies.

Through this website, we hope to promote these collaborative efforts between Kyoto University and its counterparts in the various Southeast Asian countries.


Edited by
Tamaki Endo