Social Events & Excursion

Social Events on 27th September, 16:00-16:50.
We will accept registrations for these social events at the iPRES reception desk from 26th. First come, first served.

Kyoto University Library Tour
Capacity : 30 participants

  1. 16:10-16:25 Short lecture
    Title : “Digital archive at the Kyoto University Library”
    Speaker : Chifumi Nishioka (Kyoto University Library)
    Abstract : We introduce our digital archiving project whose objective is
    to facilitate scholars by digitizing rare materials (e.g., manuscripts) and making
    them public. The lecture first explains how to select rare materials to be
    digitized, how to scan, and how to make digitized images public briefly.
    Thereafter, we focus on our IIIF-compliant digital archive system, which will be
    launched in September.
  2. 16:25-16:35 Exhibition of rare materials
    We show several Japanese rare materials such as books, which have been
    digitized and made public by our digital archive system. These materials are
    strictly stored at the stockroom in the basement and normally closed.
    Please note that participants cannot enter the stockroom as well as we cannot
    show rare materials except those brought to this exhibition.
  3. 16:35-16:50 Digitization lab
    We visit the digitization lab, where rare materials are scanned by experts.
    These digitized materials are delivered to our IIIF-compliant digital archive
    system and go public.

Kyoto University Museum Tour
Capacity : 20 participants

  1. 16:10-16:25 Short lecture
    Title: “Research Resource Archive in Kyoto University Museum”
    Speaker: Haruyoshi Gotoh & Kentaro Toda (Kyoto University Museum)
    We will introduce our digital archive project and explain the actual condition. The archive, called “Research Resource Archive, Kyoto University”, is hosted in the museum because there are a lot of types of materials that can not be treated properly in the other facilities. The lecture explains how grately the materials vary, and what we can do for digitization and management of them in our digital archive system.
  2. 16:25-16:35 Observation of materials
    We will show several materials that were digitized into our archive.
    You can see an example of the materials, and possible problems on digitization and using digitized data.
  3. 16:35-16:50 Hands-on learning about our archive
    After a brief guide of the system, you can actually use our digital archive system to browse and search digitized materials of Kyoto University. Besides, we explain an interface for our staffs that is used to manage digitized data.

Optional excursion
Kyoto International Manga Museum
Each conference bag (handed to you all at the reception desk) includes 1 invitation ticket to the Kyoto International Manga Museum, one of our supporters in iPRES2017.

Opening hours: 10:00 – 18:00(admission until 17:30)
Closed on Wednesdays.

Tickets are valid throughout the conference period. Access maps >> here.