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Download: Project Results 2007 

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日本語/Japanese    English/英語   Bahasa Indonesia/インドネシア語
はしがき/Preface 265KB
序章/Introduction 208KB
もくじ/Content (80KB) 日本語
(63KB) English

第1部/Part 1  |   2部/Part 2  |  第3部/Part 3  |  第4部/Part 4  |   付録/Appendixes

第1部/Part 1 スラウェシにおける地方分権化と自然資源管理
Decentralization and Natural Resource Management in Sulawesi
(522KB) 岡本正明 okamoto/The Politics of Gorontalo Province Making, 1998-2000
(562KB) 島上宗子 shimagami/Forest Management and “Indigenous Communities” in Decentralizing Indonesia: A Case of Upland Central Sulawesi
(424KB) 田中耕司 tanaka/Greening with Crops: Farmers’ Strategy for Obtaining Land in the Forest Area
(134KB) D. A. Suriamihardja/Reaping Wisdom from the Teaching of Aluk Todolo for Environmental Management
(278KB) 松井和久 matsui/Impact of Decentralization on Marine Resource Management: The Case of Spermonde Archipelago Area, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

第2部/Part 2 ケース・スタディ:タナトラジャの自然資源管理と社会経済変容
Case Studies: Natural Resource Management and Socio-Economic Tarnsformation in Tana Toraja
(733KB) M. A. Hamzah, B. Samad, R. Kurniawan, and A. Tirtasari/Pattern of Spatio-Temporal Rainfall Distribution
(776KB) Lantu, M. Imran, Effendi Amin and D. A. Suriamihardja/Landscape of Sangalla Valley and Its Surroundings
(117KB) Hadidja/Organization and Forestry Management Policies under Local Autonomy
of Tana Toraja Regency
(83KB) Hamka Naping/Local Institutions in Ecosystem Management among Toraja Societies
(136KB) Hazairin Zubair and P. Tandi Balla/The Relationship between Social and Natural Systems in the Farming Activities: An Ecological View on Rice Farmers in Lembang Turunan, Tana Toraja
(87KB) Dias Pradadimara/Market and Trade Network in Tana Toraja: A Historical and Geographical Perspective
(135KB) Nurul Ilmi Idrus/Property, Inheritance and Authority: A Case Study of Land Resource Management in Sangalla’, Tana Toraja
(78KB) Novaty Eny Dungga/Gender and Natural Resource Conservation in Turunan Village, Sangalla Sub-district, Tana Toraja Regency
(135KB) Aity Nurgani/A Tradition of Storing Unhusked Rice in Granaries: A Case Study of Lembang Turunan, Sangalla Subdistrict, Tana Toraja Regency
(74KB) Selviani Manggasa/Women and Rice Cultivation in Tana Toraja
(253KB) Totok Prawitosari/The Change in Agricultural Techonology and Its Influence toward Socio-Economic Condition: A Case Study of Lembang Turunan, Tana Toraja
(54KB) Stepanus Bo’do’/The Importance of Water Buffalos in Torajanese Tradition
(302KB) Valentina Syafmusir/Toraja’s Traditional Settlement Pattern: A Case Study on Kaero Traditional Settlement

第3部/Part 3 ケース・スタディ:スプルモンデ諸島の自然資源管理と社会経済変容
Case Studies: Natural Resource Management and Socio-Economic Transformation in Spermonde Islands
(209KB) D. A. Suriamihardja/Re-promoting Weakening Local Values to Manage Spermonde Marine Resources: An Insight from Compromise to Co-existence
(619KB) Jamaluddin Jonpa, Willem Moka, and Dewi Yanuarita/Condition of Spermonde Ecosystem: Its Relationship with the Utilization of Maritime Resources of the Spermonde Archipelago
(210KB) Dewi Yanuarita and Muh. Neil/Utilization of Marine Resources in the Spermonde Archipelago
(67KB) Andi Amri/Guidelines of Utilization and Management of Marine and Fishery
Resources in Spermonde Archipelago
(331KB) 浜元聡子 hamamoto/A Decade of Regional Autonomy Policy: An Account of the Dawn of Making New Subdistrict in the Spermonde Archipelago, South Sulawesi
(288KB) Aziz Salam/Boats and Ironwood in the Spermonde Archipelago

第4部/Part 4 スラウェシ地域研究に向けて:スラウェシとその周辺
Toward Sulawesi Area Studies: Sulawesi and Its Surroudings
(301KB) Ichikawa Masahiro, Aziz Salam and Osozawa Katsuya/The “Bugis” and Their Influences on Changes in Forest Resource Use in Coastal Villages in East Kalimantan
(326KB) Yamada Isamu and Tri Mulyaningsih/Agarwoods and Eco-Resources Investigation in Sulawesi and Sumbawa
(116KB) Tri Mulyaningsih/Notes on Some Species of Agar Wood in Nusa Tenggara, Celebes
and West Papua
(469KB) Ono Rintaro/Past Exploitation of Marine Resources in Northern Sulawesi:The Case of Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi, Indoensia
(85KB) Alex J. Ulaen, Nagatsu Kazufumi, and Ono Rintaro/A Survey on a Maritime Community in Pulau Nain, Kecamatan Wori, Sulawesi Utara
(245KB) Nagatsu Kazufumi/The Sama-Bajau in and around Sulawesi: Basic Data on Their Population and Ditribution of the Villages
(3,769kb)Appendix for nagatsu
(343KB) Akamine Jun and Nagatsu Kazufumi/Word and Sentence List for Sama/Bajau Languages

1. Acquisition List of Makassar Field Station
2. Poster and Poster Presentation at 21 Century COE Project Symposium
Book List
(123KB) 図書
(33KB) 年報及び統計 Yearbooks and Statistics
(46KB) 調査報告・その他  Research Reports and others
(31KB) 地方自治体法令  Law and Decree of Local Government
(31KB) 学位論文  Dissertation
(29KB) 地図  Maps
ポスター/Fliyer&Poster (656KB) ポスター001 MFS Poster001
(672KB) ポスター002 MFS Poster002
(119KB) ちらし Flyer