OKAMOTO, Masaaki


Division:Division of Economic and Political Dynamics


Area:Area Studies, Political Science

E-Mail:okamoto [at] cseas.kyoto-u.ac.jp



Research Interests:

  1. Political Economy of Oil Palm Plantation Expansion Urban Politics in Southeast Asia

Research Overview:

    A. My interest is on the political-economy logic behind the radical expansion of oil palm plantation in Southeast Asia and the pro and cons discourse around this expansion. B. My interest is on the dynamism of urban politics in Southeast Asia where more than half of the total population will live in urban areas in the near future. The facal point is the interconnectedness between the social cleavages and their local politicization.

Research Publications:

Author Name Title Date
Ota Atsushi, Okamoto Masaaki and Ahmad Suaedy eds. Islam in Contention: The Rethinking of Islam and State in Indonesia. 2010
Jakarta: CSEAS, CAPAS and Wahid Institute. x+468p
Okamoto Masaaki and Abdur Rozaki eds. Kelompok Kekerasan dan Bos Lokal di Indonesia Era Reformasi 2006
Yogyakarta: IRE Press. xxii p.+161p.


Academic Articles:

Author Name Title Date
Okamoto Masaaki and Honna Jun Introduction: “Local” Politics in Jakarta: Anomaly from Indonesia’s Local Politics? 2014
Journal of Current Southeast Asian Studies, Vo. 33, No. 1, 3-6
Okamoto Masaaki Jakartans, Institutionally Volatile 2014
Journal of Current Southeast Asian Studies Vo.33, No.1, 7-28
岡本正明 「インドネシアにおけるイスラーム主義政党の脱モラル化」 2014
岡本正明、砂原庸介、籠谷和弘、永井史男、ワフユ・プラスティアワン 「インドネシア地方自治体エリートサーベイ調査」 2014
岡本正明 「環境にやさしいアブラヤシ農園というディスコースの誕生:インドネシアのアブラヤシ農園拡大戦略から」 2014


Research Project :

Project Name
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Project Leader Period
In the making
Grant-n-Aid Funding (B)
MIENO, Fumiharu 2013 - 2016
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