IPCR : International Program of Collaborative Research


The Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS), Kyoto University launched “International Program of Collaborative Research, CSEAS [IPCR-CSEAS]” as one of the Joint Use/ Research Centers qualified by the MEXT in April, 2010.

This system is promoted under the aegis of MEXT’s policy for nurturing the research potential of universities and promoting broad-based collaborations regardless of national, public, and private universities affiliations, in order to further the development of scholarly investigation in Japan. Recognition as IPCR-CSEAS is due to CSEAS’s important contributions made to Area Studies over the last 50 years with future expectations as an outstanding and leading organization in Southeast Asian studies.

With this responsibility, IPCR-CSEAS started international collaborative research aiming at 1) promoting Southeast Asian studies with an emphasis on the integration of the humanities and natural sciences and collaboration with local people and society, 2) strengthening its function as a hub of historical documents and research materials on Southeast Asian studies in Asia, and 3) publishing world class academic journals and monograph series. It also provides joint-use opportunities to share facilities and equipment such as it’s library, GIS facilities; and map room related to Area Studies in CSEAS.