Overseas University Courses

A lecture in Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

A lecture in Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Staff members of CSEAS actively participate in giving lectures in universities located in Southeast Asia.

The courses that CSEAS has been most involved in have been given and based at the liaison offices in Jakarta and Bangkok. This includes courses which were taught in the 1980s by former professors such as Tsuchiya Kenji. Other professors such as Mizuno Kosuke have taught at the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) between 1999-2000. CSEAS accepts requests from partner institutions to offer courses. In the 1990s, Prof. Yoshihara Kunio gave courses at the University of the Philippines and in more recent years, as part of our efforts to promote humanosphere studies in Asia, both junior and senior lecturers are dispatched overseas. As a part of these activities, associate professor Kobayashi Satoru recently taught in Cambodia. Professor Kono Yasuyuki also teaches courses in China every summer. CSEAS also uses a long-distance learning system which allows the real-time streaming of lectures from Kyoto University. As of 2008, this system has been in use and provides good opportunities to simultaneously give lectures to both students from ITB and Kyoto University.


Overseas University Courses List

  • Name institution Target Category Period
    KONO, Yasuyuki
    Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences First Year Masters Students Application of Geo-informatics to Area Studies Every year since 2006
    Associate Professor KOBAYASHI, SATORU, Professor
    Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA), Cambodia RUA second year Masters and RUFA undergraduate students Workshop on Interdisciplinary Fieldwork for Sustainable Livelihood Studies Feb 2013


kyoto-keio joint lecture.

kyoto-keio joint lecture. photo by Gaku Masuda