Staff directory

Division of Integrated Area Studies

KONO, YasuyukiDirector/ProfessorLand and Water Resources Management
FUJITA, KoichiDeputy Director/Professor

Division of Human-Nature Dynamics

NISHIBUCHI, MitsuakiProfessorHuman-Nature Dynamics
KOZAN, OsamuAssociate Professorhydrology, land-atmosphere interactions
SAKAMOTO, RyotaAssociate ProfessorField Medicine, Public Health
BADENOCH, NathanAssociate Professor
ITOH, MasayukiAssistant ProfessorBiogeochemistry in forests, wetlands, and agricultural fields
KAYALI, Ahmad Yaman Specific Assistant Professor
KAWASAKI, MasahiroAffiliated ProfessorArea Studies, Forestry, Forest Ecology and Engneering
KOBAYASHI, ShigeoAffiliated ProfessorArea Studies, Forestry, Forest Ecology and Engneering
OKUMIYA, KiyohitoAffiliated ProfessorGeriatrics, Neurology, Field Medicine
MIZUNO, KeiAffiliated Associate ProfessorSoutheast Asian Area Studies,
Political Ecology
NAKAGUCHI, YoshitsuguAffiliated Associate ProfessorHuman-Nature Dynamics
NAKATSUKA, MasahiroAffiliated Associate Professor
FUJISAWA, MichikoAffiliated Associate ProfessorField Medicine
TAKAGI, AkiraAffiliated Associate Professor
WADA, TaizoAffiliated Associate ProfessorSociety medicine, Clinical internal medicine, Clinical internal medicine
CLAUDIO, Lisandro Elias Affiliated Assistant ProfessorPost-war Philippine history
HIROSAKI, MayumiAffiliated Assistant Professor
KIMURA, YumiAffiliated Assistant Professor
KUWATA, MikinoriAffiliated Assistant Professor
ISHIMOTO, YasukoAffiliated Assistant Professor
SHIRAKAWA, KoichiAffiliated Assistant Professor
Tran Van DOProgram-Specific ResearcherEcology and Environment, Carbon cycle, and Silviculture
IIZUKA, KotaroResearcher
IIZUKA, NorikoResearcher
SHIODERA, SatomiResearcherEcology and Environment
UEYAMA, ToruResearch Fellow
KATO, EmikoAffiliated Researcher
ZHANG, ShihuaResearch Student

Division of Socio-Cultural Dynamics

ISHIKAWA, NoboruProfessorArea Studies, Social Anthropology
KOIZUMI, JunkoProfessorThai History and Historiography
SHIMIZU, HiromuProfessorCultural Anthropology, Phillipine Studies
HAU, Caroline Sy.ProfessorCultural Studies
HAYAMI, YokoProfessorCultural Anthropology
BAUTISTA, JuliusAssociate ProfessorSoutheast Asian Studies, Anthropology
HORIE, MioAffiliated Assistant Professor
KATO, YumiAffiliated Assistant ProfessorCultural Anthropology
SATO, WakanaAffiliated Assistant Professor
Miles Kenney-LazarProgram-Specific ResearcherGeography
NAOI, RiyoResearcher
SHIMOJO, HisashiResearcherArea Studies (Southeast Asia), Social and Political History, Historical Anthropology
SERIZAWA, TakamichiJSPS Fellow
Axy Ang Xu YunAffiliated Researcher
SAKUMA, KyokoAffiliated Researcher
TAZAKI, IkukoAffiliated Researcher
Zhao WeijieResearch Student

Division of Economic and Political Dynamics

MIENO, FumiharuProfessorEconomics, Finance & Development
MIZUNO, KosukeProfessorDevelopment Studies
OKAMOTO, MasaakiProfessorPolitical Science
CHACHAVALPONGPUN, PavinAssociate ProfessorPolitical Science and International Relations
NAKANISHI, YoshihiroAssociate Professor
HAYASAKA, HiroshiAffiliated Professor
KANO, HiroyoshiAffiliated Professor
Horton, William BradleyAffiliated Associate Professor
KONYA, AkariAffiliated Assistant Professor
HAYASHI, KengoAffiliated Assistant Professor
NISHIMOTO, NoaAffiliated Assistant Professor
SAMEJIMA, HiromitsuAffiliated Assistant ProfessorEcology
SUZUKI, HarukaAffiliated Assistant Professor
WATANABE, KazuoAffiliated Assistant Professor
MASUDA, GakuAffiliated Assistant ProfessorArea studies, Informatics, Informatics, Cultural anthropology, Electrical and electronic engineering
NAITO, DaisukeResearcherSoutheast Asian Area Studies,
Political Ecology
TERAUCHI, DaisukeResearcher
IGA, TsukasaJSPS Fellow
TOYAMA, AyakoJSPS Fellow
GOTO, NaokoAffiliated Researcher
KAYANE, YukaAffiliated Researcher
KONISHI, TetsuAffiliated Researcher
KAWAMURA, ChiyoAffiliated Researcher
FUJITA, MotokoAffiliated Researcher
Amith PhetsadaResearch Student

Network Division

ANDO, KazuoAssociate ProfessorTropical Agriculture
KOBAYASHI, SatoruAssociate ProfessorSoutheast Asia Area Studies
LOPEZ, Mario IvanAssociate ProfessorCultural Anthropology, Migration
ONO, MikikoAssistant Professor
KITANI, KimiyaAssistant Professor
SHITARA, NarumiAssistant Professor
UCHIDA, HaruoAffiliated Professor
HAYASHI, TaiichiAffiliated Professor
SUZUKI, ReijiAffiliated Associate Professor
YAJIMA, KichijiResearcher
AKAMATSU, YoshioAffiliated Researcher
SHIMADA, NahokoAffiliated Researcher
TOYOTA, TomoyaAffiliated Researcher
FUJII, MihoAffiliated Researcher
YOSHIMOTO, YasukoAffiliated Researcher

Visiting Research Scholar

Claudio SOPRANZETTIVisiting Research ScholarAnthropology
Kevin John HEWISONVisiting Research ScholarSoutheast Asian political economy
Robert Henry TaylorVisiting Research ScholarSouth East Asian Politics
Saiful UmamVisiting Research ScholarIslamic History
Vernon del Rosario TOTANESVisiting Research ScholarLibrary management, Philippine historiography, book history
Wan Abdul Manan Bin Wan MudaVisiting Research ScholarNutrition and Public Health, Obesity, Anthropometry
Weera OstapiratVisiting Research ScholarLinguistics
Ashley CarruthersGuest Scholar
Hnin Yu LwinGuest Scholar
MUHAMMAD, AhmadGuest Scholar
Teofilo Corales DaquilaGuest ScholarInternationalising Higher Education
Youngbong YuGuest Scholar
Wang MingbingGuest Scholar
Alyssa ParedesGuest Research Associate
Dheny Trie Wahyu SampurnoGuest Research Associate
Ima Puspita SariGuest Research Associate
KONGRUENG, JetnapangGuest Research Associate
Muhammad Azka GulsyanGuest Research Associate
Nishaant ChoksiGuest Research Associate
PREEPREEM, SutimaGuest Research Associate

Japanese Visiting Scholar

SUGIHARA, KaoruJapanese Visiting Professor
AIZAWA, NobuhiroJapanese Visiting Associate Professor