Grant-in-Aid / Other Funding

DivisionLeaderResearch Topic
Grant-in-Aid Funding(S)ISHIKAWA, NoboruPlanted Forests in Equatorial Southeast Asia: Human-nature Interactions in High Biomass Society
Grant-in-Aid Funding(A)MATSUBAYASHI, KozoComparative Area Study on Healthcare Designs for the Community-Dwelling Elderly Associated with Ecology and Culture
Grant-in-Aid Funding(A)YAMADA, IsamuComparative Area Studies of Eco-politics Over Eurasian Continent Frontier and Maritime Coastal Area Eco-resources
Grant-in-Aid Funding(A)NISHIBUCHI, MitsuakiDevelopment of an easy, sensitive, and quantitative method to detect enteric pathogens of global importance
Grant-in-Aid Funding(A)HAYAMI, YokoThe Social Bases of Care in Southeast Asia: Study of the Dynamism of Practice Based on Relatedness.
Grant-in-Aid Funding(B)FUJITA, KoichiTowards Paradigm Shift on Asian Agricultural Finance Research: Regional Comparative Study Focusing on Differences in Rural Social Structure
Grant-in-Aid Funding(B)CHACHAVALPONGPUN, PavinStudy on Myanmar’s “Opening Up” Process and Obstacles to Democratization
Grant-in-Aid Funding(B)SHIMIZU,HiromuEthnographic Studies on Creative Rehabilitation from Natural Desasters
Grant-in-Aid Funding(B)YAJIMA, Kichiji
Grant-in-Aid Funding(B)MIENO, FumiharuIn the making
Grant-in-Aid Funding(B)KOIZUMI, JunkoAmerican Intellectuals’ Changing Perspectives and the U.S.Regional Strategies toward Asia during the Cold War Period.
Grant-in-Aid Funding(C)WADA, TaizoCohort study of advance care planning in the end of life ?from the view point of comprehensive geriatric assessment?
Challenging Exploratory ResearchKOIZUMI, JunkoSino-Siamese Economic Relations under the Condition of No Tribute and No Treaty.
Young Scientists (A)NAKAGUCHI, YoshitsuguEnsuring the safety and security of seafood in globalization: advanced application of epidemiological information of food-poisoning pathogens
Young Scientists (A)KOZAN, OsamuInteraction of Lower swamp and Hydrology in the equatorial Southeast Asian region
Young Scientists (B)ISHIMOTO, YasukoThe development of an objective and subjective fall risk assessment tool for Asian populations
Young Scientists (B)MASUDA, GakuWhy only Ibans are infected? : Cross-disciplinary research towards emerging malaria disease.
Young Scientists (B)KIMURA, YumiField Nutrition” research on lifestyle-related diseases and diet among elderly people in Himalayan highland
Young Scientists (B)SAKAMOTO, RyotaFormulation of health-checkup system for the elderly in the Kingdom of Bhutan
Grant-in-Aid / Other FundingNISHIMOTO, NoaAnalysis and description of Malagasy dialects form an Austronesian comparative perspective
Grant-in-Aid / Other FundingSHIBAYAMA, Mamoru