KITANI, Kimiya


Division:Network Division

Position:Assistant Professor

Area:Database Development,System Management,Information Processing

E-Mail:kitani [at]



Research Interests:

  1. Resource sharing system for Southeast Asian Periodicals
  2. Possibility of Information Transmission utilizing open source software
  3. Availability of prevention system for Information Security

Research Overview:

    Although the field has rapidly evolved, the use of the latest technology is still difficult in the context of area studies fieldwork. Since I arrived at theCenter, I have been doing research support as a hub between information technology and area studies. My activities always change with the times through the innovation of information society. My present interests are the following. 1. Resource sharing system for Southeast Asian Periodicals I have researched to improve the linkage system of Libraries of Japan National Universities for the resource sharing of Southeast Asian Studies through the development of database system through the joint research project. 2. The possibility of information transmission Since the Global COE program (G-COE) started up, I have sought a sustainable system by trying various system constructions and developments utilizing Blog, Wiki, CMS and Portal site technology. Recently, I have been researching the system and approach for the effective development and management of the web system utilizing the Contents Management System called “Wordpress”. 3. The availability of prevention system information security; Recently, information security compliance has been strictly requested dye to the constant evolution of the information society. However, a pioneering research activity is to have the risk of the infection of computer virus and the illegal attack. Therefore, I have researched the availability and sustainability of systems and approaches that can be managed more efficiently while considering cost performance.

Academic Articles:

Author Name Title Date
木谷 公哉 動画画像の再構築 2000
東南アジア逐次刊行物の共有化 – データベース構築を通じて – 2012
専門図書館協議会機関誌 No.251 P54-60, 2012.1,


Research Project :

Project Name
[Grant Organization]
Project Leader Period
Research on cross-institutional network construction by periodical database in three Indochina countries
Grant-n-Aid Funding (C)
ONO, Mikiko 2014 - 2016
Research Summary
Serial publication, such as newspapers and magazines are valuable materials that reflect each nation’s society. This project for cooperation between library staffs and researchers of Japan and Indochi [ Read More ]


名称 公開方法(URLなど) 責任者
東南アジア逐次刊行物総合目録データベース 木谷公哉

Contributions and Collaborations with other Institutions:

  • WordCamp Kansai 2014:実行委員&講演者
  • WordBench大阪:ウェブシステム「WordPress」の普及活動、技術支援、日本語翻訳等
  • WordBench京都:ウェブシステム「WordPress」の普及活動、技術支援等
  • 関西オープンソースフォーラム:関西でのオープンソースおよびコミュニティの活性化のために有志で実施しているフォーラム。この2008年以降実行委員を務めている。