Division:Network Division

Position:Assistant Professor

Area:Academic journals in Japan

E-Mail:shitara [at]



Research Interests:

  1. Scholar publishing in the Internet Age
  2. Review of Southeast Asian Studies in Japan through the history of 50 years of Tonan Ajia Kenkyu
  3. Academic journals in non-English languages in the global society

Research Overview:

  1. Today major publishes monopoly the academic publishing world, and prices of academic journals are rising sharply year by year.
    One of ways to resolve this situation、namely the serials crisis, is that research institutes or societies publish attractive and influential journals by themselves without being included in major publishers’ series. I try to find out the best way to this goal based on my experiences as a managing editor of our center’s academic journal, Southeast Asian Studies.
  2. I review the Southeast Asian studies in Japan in these 50 years by analyzing Southeast Asian Studies (Tonan Ajia Kenkyu) which has been published since 1963.
  3. Today it is considered most important for scholars to publish the results of their research activities in the Age of Globalization. However, I consider it is still important for scholars to publish them in their own mother languages which would become the base of research activities in their home countries; and therefore Japanese academic journals including Kiyos should be emphasized more. I plan to analyze how many Japanese articles and books are cited in Japanese scholars’ articles published in English to prove the importance of Japanese academic journals. And I also plan to analyze the status of academic journals in their mother languages in non-English-speaking country other than Japan.