Centre for Southeast Asian Studies at Kyoto University proudly presents the new issue (16) of Kyoto review on September, 2014

We proudly present Issue 16 of the Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia on the fun and interesting topic of “Comics in Southeast Asia”. In Japan, comics, or manga, have their unique storyline and style. The medium includes all kinds of works in a broad range of genres: action-adventure, romance, sports, historical drama, comedy, science fiction and fantasy, mystery, suspense, detective, horror, and sexuality among others.

Manga has long been hugely popular among the Japanese and it is widely read by people of all ages. As manga gained a significant worldwide audience, it is true to say that interest in research on comic studies has also reached a global scale. But there is no question that the majority of scholarship focuses on works from Japan, North America and Western Europe due to their vast distribution networks, history, and fan bases. But in Southeast Asia, comics have their own roots, sometimes deeply political or with social significance. This collection of essays, while primarily introducing readers to Southeast Asian comics and comic studies, attempts to shift the focus from the three large comic traditions. In this globalized world, there is not only a diversity of comic works and influences, but studies of these works are also diverse, and it is hoped that by looking through the lens of Southeast Asia, it might meaninfully contribute to the literature of comic studies.

List of articles:

1. Jaqueline Bernt: Studying Comics from Southeast Asia

2. Karl Ian Uy Cheng Chua: Educational Komiks: Shifting Perspectives

3. Nguyen Hong Phuc: Comics in Vietnam: A Newly Emerging Form of Storytelling
4. Lim Cheng Tju: Current Trends in Singapore Comics: When Autobiography is Mainstream

5. Febriani Sihombing: Blurring the Boundaries of Comics Classification in Indonesia through Wanara

All are translated into Japanese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesian. This issue, as usual, also includes a section of book reviews.


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