【Award】 Dr. Hisashi Shimojo (research fellow) got a Best Paper Award at 2016 Annual Conference of Southeast Asian Studies in Taiwan.

(from left to right) Dr.Wen Chin Chang (The Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (RCHSS), Academia Sinica), Dr. Hisashi Shimojo (CSEAS)

        I am very honored to receive this prestigious awards. My paper examined how an increasing number of person who cross borders between Vietnam and Cambodia have affected the local politics in the Mekong Delta, Southern Vietnam since the end of the Cold War. I wrote this paper in order to understand the changes in these two countries in this quarter century from the perspective of the human mobility of ordinary people, based on fieldwork sources.
        I am very delighted to receive this unexpected award. I am most grateful to professors at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) and Graduate School for Asian and African Studies (ASAFAS) at Kyoto University, and CSEAS at National Chengchi University for providing advice. Finally, I greatly appreciate the support from Dr. Mio Horie of Nagoya University and Dr. Yu-Sheng Lin of Kyoto University for discussing a common theme as members in a panel discussion we all participated on.

2016 Annual Conference on Southeast Asian Studies in Taiwan
2016 Annual Conference on Southeast Asian Studies in Taiwan: Call for Paper/Panel