Long-term Acquisition and Practical Use of Resources on Southeast Asia

Project Leader:YANO, Masataka (The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Economics)

Collaborators: ISHII, Michiko (Japan External Trade Organization, Institute of Developing Economies, Library)
         ONO, Mikiko (Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
         KATO, Satsuki (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Library)
         KITANI, Kimiya (Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
         KITAMURA, Yumi (Kyoto University, Research and Development Laboratory, Kyoto University Library)
         TAKAHASHI, Muneo (Japan External Trade Organization, Institute of Developing Economies, Library)
         TADA, Tsuyoshi (Osaka University, Minoh Campus Library Services Division)


Outline of Research:

Stackroom for newspapers of Southeast Asia (IDE-JETRO)

Stackroom for newspapers of Southeast Asia (IDE-JETRO)

The aim of this project is to develop a more effective and systematic infrastructure of Southeast Asian studies related resources by enriching the outcome of our previous projects such as “Periodical Publications in Contemporary Southeast Asia” and “Southeast Asian Periodicals Database” [http://www-archive.cseas.kyoto-u.ac.jp/www/2016/info/db/ sealib/?lang=en].
In this collaborative research, we will update the data set and conduct further research on the current condition of online resources. This aims to strengthen the infrastructure to accumulate the information on Southeast Asia, in both paper and digital media.


Southeast Asian Periodicals Database (rev.version)

Southeast Asian Periodicals Database (rev.version)

There are 2 main tasks in this collaborative research.
1. To obtain and share more detailed information on resources essential for Southeast Asian studies. In fiscal year 2013, we exchanged the information about acquisition policy and current condition of holdings about newspapers and gazettes published in Southeast Asia. This enabled us to share the close information about each other.
2. To obtain the current information on how the area information is digitalized and publicly accessible on web space in Southeast Asia

In fiscal year 2013, we shared information about the current conditions of digitalization in Southeast Asia by the report of Asian Resources Division at the Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library.

In fiscal year 2014, we will pack up our previous collaborative research. In particular, we will closely examine and enrich the online database “Southeast Asian Periodicals Database,” consists of bibliographic and holding information of core journals, newspapers and gazettes in Southeast Asia. Through these tasks, we will create a more reliable basis for long-term use of these resources in addition to obtaining basic information for collaborative acquisition of these recources among libraries in Japan.